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The Magic of Minerals

Advanced Aesthetics of Kansas City has chosen Perse Professional European Cosmetics so you may experience the spirit, style and excitement that  bring to life your natural beauty.

The name Persé is derived from the European expression of excellence, “C’est Parfait.” It is perfect. Persé is a word that evokes a sense of spirit, style and excitement. World-renowned for their natural beauty and elegance, European woman have long known the secret to radiant skin, Natural minerals. The same natural minerals that Persé Professional Cosmetics brings to their complete line of Mineral Active cosmetics.

Persé Professional Cosmetics is the gold standard in mineral makeup production, capturing European glamour and sophistication in a bottle. Used by Hollywood celebrities and make-up artists. Blending exotic and enticing minerals with advanced technologies, Persé Professional Cosmetics are revered for their healing and restorative properties and their spectacular color palette. Persé Professional Cosmetics brings to America the beauty secret European women have passed on for generations.

Combining naturally active minerals from the earth’s core with today’s latest technology, Persé Professional Cosmetics takes the essence from the purest minerals and uses them to formulate the silkiest, light-reflective powders and creams imaginable, combining UV Protection and lustrous coverage with natural glowing color.

Persé Professional Cosmetics is committed to providing quality, natural, radiant color that actually nourishes and fortifies the skin.


Persé Fresh Minerals Makeup takes natural beauty to its highest level. Formulated with the finest natural minerals and color pigments available, Fresh Minerals has a silky texture that melds with your skin, magnifies your eyes and lips, and gives you a beautiful, radiant glow every day.

Fresh Minerals will help improve your skin over time, with the natural vitamins, botanicals, and sun protection you need. Best of all, it feels like nothing on your skin!

Persé Fresh Minerals benefit all skin types:

• Oily, blemished skin–Clean, natural oil-free formulas help keep skin looking more     clear.
• Normal to dry skin–Natural emollients help prevent dryness.
• Sensitive skin and rosacea–No fragrance, talc, oils, or irritating additives.
• Mature skin–Natural light-reflection diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
• Sun Protection for all–All natural UV protection helps keep skin healthy.



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